You know what’s bigger than the primaries? Mascot Madness 2016, which pits all the SUNY mascots against each other in a heated competition!

During the event, which kicks off on March 8, we ask you to vote for Stinger — early and often, as they say.

Curious about your favorite Hornet? He’s answered some questions for us:

1)    Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Stinger the Hornet! My job is to get the buzz going about SUNY Broome, my most excellent hive. Not only do I get pumped up at our sports games, I fly out to local community events and even tote boxes and bags during Move-In Day at our Student Village.

2-12-2014 01 -- Hornet Mascot Stinger Indoors Gym

2)    Where did you work before you were hired as a mascot?

Well, for a while I tried to get into the police force to work on sting operations, but then I learned I was misinterpreting “sting.” Good thing our Criminal Justice & Emergency Services students set me straight about that!

3)    What is your most embarrassing mascot moment?

I forgot my hands at a campus event once. Technically, Hornets don’t really have hands, so I guess you could say I was going retro.

07-23-2003 02 -- Hornet Mascot Stinger

4)    Which mascot would be your SUNY sidekick?

I have more than enough spirit for any mascot! But I’d let the Binghamton University Bearcat tag along if he could keep up. Baxter’s great, but he doesn’t have wings. The wings definitely give me an advantage.

5)    What is your favorite part of New York State?

Broome County, of course! Known as the Valley of Opportunity, the area spawned a good deal of innovation — most famously IBM, which began in the neighboring village of Endicott. In fact, our college mascot was originally the Technicat to honor the area’s high-tech origins.  As the Hornet, I represent the best the area has to offer: lightning-fast like our technology and, being a natural critter, the beauty of our Southern Tier environs.

08-30-2014 Move in Day 08 -- Hornet Mascot Stinger Walking Student Village

6)    Have you ever studied abroad?

Most definitely! Mexico, Italy, Ecuador, London, Haiti – I’ve been to them all. Now, we do have online students in our Business program in Siberia and I haven’t headed out to visit them  — yet. Next up: Novosibirsk!

7)    What TV show could you watch all day?

The Green Hornet, of course! But the show from the ‘60s, not that horrible Seth Rogan flop. You don’t mess with the classics.

8)    What is your favorite fast food spot?

When I need a burger or some nachos, I head over to the Blueline Café in the SUNY Broome Ice Center. It’s a great place to grab a snack. The best part: I can strap on some skates and burn off all those calories before chowing down. I have to keep my insectoid figure, you know.

9)    What song/music do you listen to in order to get hyped for an event?

Flight of the Bumblebee and anything by Sting, of course!

10) What is the best class you ever took?

First class — made the plane ride so much more enjoyable. Oh wait, you mean a class-class, right? There are so many great classes that it’s hard to pick! I really enjoyed the Mathematics of Gaming, which taught important math concepts while letting us play casino games. What a win, right? But my favorite, I have to say, is Health for Haiti over winter term. Over the past few years, my fellow Hornets have installed solar panels and a water purification system, and even helped deliver a baby! Helping people – that’s what life is all about, folks.

Stay tuned for details on Mascot Madness!