Antique Room

Do you have what it takes to escape?

It’s time for the spring virtual escape room challenge! Complete rooms for entries for a $100 Amazon gift card!

Here’s how it works:

This competition can be entered by individuals or teams (teams are recommended!)

  • Complete a 1-star room, get 1 entry
  • Complete a 2-star room, get 2 entries
  • Complete a 3-star room, get 3 entries
  • Complete a 4-star room, get 4 entries

You must email a screen shot of the end screen to along with the name of the room, a description about what you encountered, and how you found some of your clues.

You have until May 15th to get as many entries as possible. (Maximum 21 entries per person/team, cannot submit the same room twice.)

Follow this link to the list of rooms (Room names are: Sign, Switch, Sphere, RGB, Lights, Linkage, Vision, Elements, Xmas Escape, Xmas Escape 2, Xmas Escape 3, and Xmas Escape Toy)

Stuck on a clue? Not making progress? Find a teammate! These are more fun to do with friends!

Post your experiences to your social media at #HornetsEscapeSP20 We want to hear how long it took you, how brilliant you were, how much fun you had!

Good luck and let the competition begin!