Current and former BECA officers with their giving tree
Current and former BECA officers with their giving tree

For the past four years, the Broome Educators of Children Association (BECA) has partnered up with the Family Enrichment Network (FEN) and their “Adopt-a-Family” initiative. This year, BECA has chosen another large family to sponsor and is looking forward to filling their holiday wants and needs. BECA pledges a large gift each year through their hard work and fundraising items like bikes, comforter sets or special wants for each child.

The BECA officers have created a beautiful display in our education classroom in T-204. Thanks to the kindness of our gracious students and staff of the Teacher Education/Early Childhood department and departments and people throughout SUNY Broome, we are able to make this family’s holiday shine brighter.

Please feel free to come in and take the special “tags” for this year’s family of five (four boys, ages: 13, 11, 2 and 3 months and a girl who is age 8 and/or their caregivers) and support this amazing annual tradition of giving.

Not sure what to get? Click on the shopping list below:

If you would like to stop by TH 204 and take a tag, they will be ready by this week’s Common Hour workshop (Nov. 14) or you can reach out to the BECA Advisor, Christine Webb, at ext. 5160 or Thank you for your consideration, kindness and community spirit of giving!

Any gifts need to be returned to T204 by Dec. 5 for delivery to the family!