Professional Development at SUNY Broome

Fall in love with learning this February!

Promotion and Appointment Process

When: Friday, Feb 7th   2-3 pm

Where: TRC Conf Room (LI 101)

Presented by: Suzanne Shepard and Tera Doty-Blance


Review the basics and essentials of the P & A process at SUNY Broome. Newly hired, full-time employees working under the FA contract at SUNY Broome enter and Appointment process, the goal of which is to earn Continuing Appointment. In addition, these faculty members may apply for promotion or PD recognition increment as stipulated by the contract. 

Writing Mathematical Documents with Scientific Notebook.

When: Monday, Feb 10th  2-3 pm

Where: TRC Lab (LI 101)

Presented by: Luis Moreno


Scientific Notebook is a platform that lets you type any kind of text, and also insert any mathematical expressions.  It is “what you see is what you get” format, with minimal hunting and pecking. Not only that, but all the mathematics can be easily manipulated, evaluated, simplified, solved, graphed, etc.  It is excellent for writing exams, for instance, and simultaneously generating solutions with as much detail as you wish.  We will explore these capabilities in this workshop (the college has a site license).

Read & Write Workshop

When: Tuesday, Feb 11th  1-2 pm

Where: TRC Lab (LI 101)

Presented by: John Covert

Register: REGISTER HERE Did you know that Read&Write can scan documents and make them accessible to students with disabilities? Learn how to use Read&Write to scan documents and make them accessible.  And a brief overview of the other features that Read&Write has to offer our students will also be presented.

Mobilizing the Classroom

When: Thursday, Feb13th 10-11 am

Where: TRC Lab (LI 101)

 Presented by: Paul Cartie

Register: REGISTER HERE Interested in shifting away from the podium and freeing yourself to move around the classroom while you teach?  Come learn how you can use an iPad (or really any tablet) to facilitate a fully mobile instructor experience.

Passion, Power, and Performance: The Creativity of Teaching

When: Thursday, February 20th  1-2 pm

Where: TRC Conf Room (LI 101)

Presented by: Jesse Katen

Register: REGISTER HERE Led by a faculty member who also owns his own dance studio and has traveled extensively as a professional dance competition judge, this unique workshop seeks to inspire participants by exploring the connections between passion and performance with regard to teaching. Convinced that all academic and professional disciplines make inherent use of the creative process, the same principles that serve to inspire artists and performers can inspire and motivate our teaching selves. By exploring the similarities between writing and dance, we can view all teaching as the desire to inspire our students to perform–whether in the studio, on stagePa or in the classroom. Likewise, by envisioning teaching as a performance as well, we can begin to understand how to further expand our performative power and enact transformative effects upon our audience–our students. And in so doing, we can elevate our students to the point where they emerge as powerful performers of their own.

Book Club “How to be an Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi

When: Friday, February 7th & 21st (time TBD) Please let us know on the registration page if 11 am or 2 pm works best for you.

Where: TBD

Presented by: Stephanie Malmberg

Register: REGISTER HERE Described as “the most courageous book to date on the problem of race in the Western mind” by The New York Times and named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times Book Review, Time, and National Public Radio, Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Anti-Racist is a “groundbreaking” (Time) approach to understanding and uprooting racism and inequality in our society—and in ourselves. Participants in the book club will meet to grapple and engage with the book’s premises. This book is for those who wish to go beyond an awareness of racism to the next step: contributing to the formation of a just and equitable society (Kendi, 2019). The book is carved into 6 sections that average 40 pages each; debriefing discussions will be facilitated by Stephanie Malmberg.

Brown Bag Discussion: Just in Time Math – Collaborative Solutions for Math Literacy Across Curricula

When: Friday, February 21st, 12-2 pm

Where: TRC Lab/Conference room (LI 101)

Presented by: Sandra Wright & Jean Krichbaum

Register: REGISTER HERE With the increased use of data and data analytics in all fields, students need support with basic math in many of their courses, not just in the math course required by curriculum. We can help build their skills and prepare them for transfer or the workplace by infusing math instruction and math analysis into as many courses as possible. 

If this seems intimidating to you, or even just like a lot of work, come to this workshop to see how Math and BIT faculty can help you create modules that support students with math and analytic skills just in time for their use in your field. 

Jean Krichbaum did just this for Sandy Wright’s IT courses. Sandy was feeling at a loss when students were unable to create basic formulas in Excel because they didn’t know how to solve the problem with paper and pencil. Jean came to the rescue by creating multiple video lessons to review these basic skills. Those videos became a stand alone module in Sandy’s classes and students have been much more successful with their Excel assignments ever since. Similarly, Sandy has helped other faculty infuse Excel skill sets in their classes.

Please join us whether you’d like to incorporate math or Excel into your courses or you have a data analytics skill or approach you’d like to share. Together, we can raise the math competencies of our students and prepare them for their 21st century world.  

Academic Advising Workshop #1 – What is Academic Advising?

When: Tuesday, February 18th 10-11 am

Where: TRC Conf room (LI 101)

Presented by: Sharlah Ramnarine-Singh and Emma Whittacker

Register: REGISTER HERE  Advising is an academic endeavor and profession grounded in both theory and research.  From its early incarnations to present it is both a teaching and learning experience with a curriculum, syllabus, and expected learning outcomes.

Academic Advising Workshop #2 – The Classroom instructor as advisor

When:Tuesday, February 25th 10-11 am

Where: TRC Conf room (LI 101)

Presented by: Matt Brannen and David Michalak

Register: REGISTER HERE The intersectionality of both professional academic advisor and classroom faculty instructor. The application of classroom instruction with advising and the influence of advising in the classroom setting.