The Monday Poem is brought to you by Professor Jim Gormley of the English Department. Enjoy!


I am glad daylong for the gift of song,
For time and change and sorrow;
For the sunset wings and the world-end things
Which hang on the edge of to-morrow.
I am glad for my heart whose gates apart
Are the entrance-place of wonders,
Where dreams come in from the rush and din
Like sheep from the rains and thunders.

The Monday Poem logoWilliam Stanley Braithwaite was born in 1878. A poet, literary critic, and editor, he authored several books, including Selected Poems (Coward-McCann, 1948) and The House of Falling Leaves with Other Poems (John W. Luce & Company, 1908). Braithwaite was awarded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Arthur B. Spingarn Award for his achievements in literature. He died in Harlem, New York, in 1962.