Aaron Williams has always been a “numbers guy,” so it’s not surprising that he has opted for a future career in accounting.

“Throughout high school, I’ve always succeeded in anything that involves numbers,” said Williams, who attended Windsor High School. “I was taking an accounting class in high school and everything just clicked for me.”

Rather than major in accounting directly, however, the SUNY Broome freshman is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. That’s by design: The degree will allow him to learn about a wide range of business-related fields, and focus on accounting once he transfers to a four-year school.

His current classes show the range of subjects he’s becoming familiar with: business law, managerial accounting, business statistics, social media campaigns.

“It’s a broad program, so you can really decide what you want to do. I think of it as the Liberal Arts of the Business program,” he said.

In addition to his affinity for numbers, Williams draws on his experience in the wider world for the inspiration behind his business degree. He worked at Visions Federal Credit Union for 2 ½ years before starting college, and also worked as an assistant to the clubhouse manager for the Binghamton Mets. 

He chose SUNY Broome for a number of reasons. It’s close to home, for one, and highly affordable; small classes are also a plus. Aaron also plays tennis on the Hornets team. While a college in Long Island would have provided the same opportunity to get in the game, it wasn’t as affordable an option, he said.

Williams opted for an added challenge and joined the college’s Honors Program, which provides smaller than average college classes along with academic rigor.

The program also requires students to do a capstone project in their final semester. Williams already has narrowed down his ideas to two: Business strategies in crisis situations, and the psychological aspect of first impressions.

“It is a great program. Everyone there is very friendly and works well together,” he said of the Honors Program.

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