The Bridge to Success Summer 2017

Happy Summer, SUNY Broome!

Along with all the backyard BBQs, poolside chats and camping misadventures we look forward to every year, you can count on the Bridge to engage, encourage and enrich incoming students!

Reasons for underpreparedness vary widely and  include, among other factors, inadequate academic preparation (a “soft” senior year, for example, that doesn’t include an adequate math or science course), insufficient monetary resources, unfamiliarity with college culture, or widely held academic misconceptions (“it won’t matter if I turn this paper in three weeks late…”).

The key to the Bridge’s success is “frontloading,” a variety of comprehension, critical thinking and communication strategies students generally use in foundations courses.  Student performance is then analyzed on an individual basis, in conjunction with high school transcripts, career objectives and departmental advisors. Recommendations are based on student need, and individuals are connected with resources and support services before the semester even begins.

Added benefits include the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, as well as familiarize oneself with offices and resources campus-wide. Completed in advance of the semester, students are better prepared to find the resources they need, when they need them – and to ultimately be successful.

The Bridge includes both an English Writing Bridge and an MAT 096 component. Please call Ms. Sue Ann Scheffer or Mrs. Shellie Robinson, Bridge to Success Enrollment Specialists, at (607) 778 -5038 for more information regarding both the Literacy and English Bridges. For Math, please contact Professor Melanie Williams for more information at (607) 778 – 5126.

Pre-registration and an informational brochure can be found here, and students may register here.  Advisors and students alike will find the following useful: 

 CRN’s (course identification numbers)

Session Literacy English Math
August 7 – August 18 8201 8203 8204


*Please note – students may register for either Literacy/ English or Math. These sessions run concurrently during the second and third weeks of August.


Placement considerations:

Session Literacy English Math
Accuplacer  70 or less 4 or less Algebra score
High School Transcripts


85 or less

(ELA Regents)

85 or less

(ELA Regents)

Algebra course



The Bridge Team would like to thank you for your continued support!!