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The Art of the Real: Alison opts for Honors and prepares for her future as an animator

Alison just finished her first semester in SUNY Broome;s Honors Program. The Visual Communication Arts major plans to one day become an animator. “It’s nice that it’s a place where people encourage you to look around and decide what you want to do,” she said of her SUNY Broome experience. Challenge yourself at SUNY Broome!

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Thinking deeply: Alisha challenges herself in the Honors Program

When she came to SUNY Broome, Alisha joined the Honors Program. “I absolutely love it. The Honors seminar class, that’s where I first started meeting the people that became my friends on campus,” she said. “The way we think about things and how it challenges me to think deeper – that’s what I love.” Challenge yourself at SUNY Broome!

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