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Windsor Central High School’s Class of 2020 will become the first full class in history to be immediately admitted to SUNY Broome.

Whether students plan to attend SUNY Broome, have other post-high school plans or are still uncertain, they will have the opportunity to attend their local community college following graduation. While completing their senior year of high school, they can also engage in free “learning workshops,” regardless of whether they choose to attend SUNY Broome. Workshops will include such topics as scholarships, financial aid, advising, housing, placement assessment and more.

The two schools will have a shared registration event, the Windsor CSD/SUNY Broome College Express Partnership, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20, in the Windsor Central High School auditorium. Students can apply for instant admission during the event.

“For the very first time in Broome County, 100% of a high school graduating class will have an established path to college – which is what makes the College Express Partnership so exceptional,” said SUNY Broome President Kevin E. Drumm. “This partnership exemplifies the community college mission: to make a high-quality, affordable college education accessible to everyone.”

“Windsor’s mission is to prepare our students to be future-ready. The College Express Partnership is a great option as they weigh their academic and professional choices after graduation,” said Dr. Jason Andrews, Superintendent of the Windsor Central School District. “This partnership not only shows how accessible higher education is to our students, but also provides workshops that will help them in whatever avenue they choose. It is our desire to prepare students to make positive contributions to the community after they leave high school by providing them with clear pathways to success.”