SUNY Broome Professors Erin Heard (Environmental Science) and Lynda Carroll (History, Philosophy and Social Science) not only cross paths in the Natural Science Center on campus, they also both have sons in the same Cub Scout Pack! This summer, Heard, Carroll and their young scouts all spent a week at Cole Park at Cub Scout Day Camp.

This year, the Baden-Powell Council’s Cub Scout Day Camp at Cole Park brought together 83 young scouts (ages 5-11) for a week of fun in the sun (and thunderstorms) in Harpursville. This year’s camp theme was “Scout Investigations,” which introduced Cub Scouts to all different types of sciences – from crime scene investigations and forensics,  various scientific principles, and Archaeological Investigations. Heard and Carroll both volunteered to run week-long science and investigation stations for the boys and girls. 

Heard and another volunteer ran the science station, where scouts learned about electricity, the strength of arches in construction and polymers, and built their own stethoscopes. This was the third year Heard has volunteered at day camp, but public outreach and education has been a part of her mission for 13 years.

Carroll set up an archaeological station, where scouts learned about New York State history and prehistory, ancient technologies, laboratory techniques in ceramic analysis, and the study of ancient animal bones (zooarchaeology). The scouts even learned how to “measure brown” using soil color charts. Carroll has brought archaeology demonstrations and traveling exhibits to local schools, museums, and the general public throughout her career. She has also served as an Archeology Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America.