SUNY Broome Alumna’s Experience with the Bachelor Degree Partnerships Program

Bachelor Degree Partnership student Melissa Henry graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business from Excelsior College in July 2017.  Melissa attended SUNY Broome for her Associate in Science in Business Administration prior to joining the Bachelor Degree Partnership Program.

“If it was not for [the] Bachelor Partnership program at SUNY Broome, I would not have thought about Excelsior [College] nor have known what direction to go in,” Melissa said. “[My advisor] inspired me more than she knows.”

Melissa was able to complete additional credits at SUNY Broome following completion of her Associates degree, leaving her with only seven courses to take once she transferred to Excelsior College.

Melissa talks fondly about her time at Excelsior College.

“My best experience with Excelsior College was the convenience of taking courses online and the cost effective savings of partnering with SUNY Broome,” she wrote. 

We are proud to have Melissa not only as a SUNY Broome alumna, but also as a Partnership alumna.  Melissa hopes to continue her studies at Excelsior College to earn her Master’s Degree in Human Resources.

Melissa wrote, “A degree isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s an indication that I can grow from my learning experience. Being the first person in my family to have accomplished earning a bachelor’s degree means that I now will be able to set a positive example for my family. It does not make any difference on how old you are when you are finishing school. It’s about diligent work and having the correct state of mind.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Bachelor Degree Partnership Program, please visit our website:  The Bachelor Degree Partnership Program now has partnerships with Excelsior College and SUNY Empire State College.