Statement by the Student Assembly Opposing Violent Protests in Charlottesville, Virginia

“Observing the media following Friday night’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally, my heart goes out to marginalized people everywhere. I am thankful that here at SUNY Broome we strive to create an environment that is committed to social justice and the welfare of all people.. Protests that seek to threaten others are the epitome of counterproductivity in our already fragile democracy.” remarked Trustee Barber on Sunday, August 13.

The Student Assembly of SUNY Broome stands adamant in its commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as civil discourse. The Assembly also firmly opposes bigotry on our campus as well as nationwide.

Civil dialogue based on logic and compromise, not rigid ideology, is essential to a functioning democracy adhering to civic engagement. We are proud to say that on August 9 we sponsored SUNY Broome’s Center for Civic Engagement Public Voice Event. The very successful event brought citizens in the community of a variety of opinions provided their input to local representatives in a civilized discourse.

We are also excited to welcome new Vice-President Carol Ross, SUNY Broome’s first Chief Diversity Officer. Dr. Ross hit the ground running in July and is ready to make sure the campus is welcoming for everyone.

We encourage students, faculty, staff, and community members to report biased acts of discrimination to the New York State Bias Reporting Hotline at (888) 392-3644. Crimes and immediate threats should be directed to local authorities by calling 911. On-campus incidents may be reported online via the SUNY Broome Bias Incident Reporting Form ( Non-Emergency bias incidents on campus may also be reported to the Office of Public Safety (607) 779-5083