coronavirus, suny broome update

Colleagues: I am on a conference call with SUNY as I type this message. Currently the SOE has no direct impact on us. For now it gives the Governor further power to make related public health decisions, such as cancelling large gatherings, and to martial emergency resources. 

The key discussion is about moving to online in large scale if necessary. Dr. Haynes and the Dean’s and others have been working on this for us and it’s time to get some specific plans in place and ready to share across campus in the coming week, as things are changing rapidly day to day. 

The next discussion is who will be expected to be on campus should classes be cancelled.  We need to have that plan in place as well.  

The VPs and I will be meeting as soon as we can to discuss these issues but the key challenge is how we will continue offering classes if students aren’t allowed to come to campus at some point. The effort needs to be led largely by the academic leadership team, the TRC, ITS and MarCom. 

We will share more information as we learn it from Albany. SUNY is conducting daily updates by conference call where most of the dialogue has been about  study abroad programs but also the impact of spring breaks and within residence halls. 

As plans develop we will share them with you. It’s time to make this planning a top priority.  

Remember to wash your hands as often as possible, among other preventative measures we have shared previously and are shared regularly in the national media.  

Kevin E Drumm, PhD
SUNY Broome