Sports Management at SUNY Broome

Students at SUNY Broome Community College can now earn a degree in Sports Management. The associate’s in science degree was recently approved by the State University of New York (SUNY).

Business Chair Rick Behr spearheaded the proposal and submitted it for approval last January. “There were so many students who kept asking me about having a sports management program, so I took the hint. There is a strong interest on campus and I expect this to quickly become very popular,” he said.

The field of sports management is broad, and includes jobs related to the business, marketing, and finance and management of professional, semi-professional and college sports teams.

“These jobs are typically related to accounting, promotion, advertising and event management,” said Behr. “And, you can go on to get a master’s and doctorate in this,” he added.

According to Behr, the job outlook in sports management is promising. He said: “We looked on many job sites and there are a lot of jobs. Companies like Dick’s or Reebok (retail/manufacturers) fall under this umbrella too.”

The program at SUNY Broome is designed for students to transfer to four-year sports management programs, including some schools in close proximity to the college.

“We worked closely with Cortland on setting program up, so we will probably have a transfer agreement with them quickly now that the program has been approved by SUNY.”

Behr was pleased that getting the program up and running was easy and cost effective.

“We already had the expertise there. Our Director of Athletics (who, by the way, has a degree in Sports Management) and some very skilled people from across the region are being gathered together to form a strong instruction team. We were kind of lucky that it was easy for us to put in place.”

Coursework will be initially offered during the day, but evening and weekend courses may be added down the road. Behr expects more than 100 students to be enrolled by spring 2014.

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