from the desk of Penny A. Haynes

In an effort to be prepared in the event that the  COVID-19 virus causes any disruption in classes (not expected at this point), our instructional designers are offering special face-to-face trainings on Blackboard 1. These are in addition to the online training sessions that are currently available. Please consider, at a minimum, taking the Blackboard 1 training that will allow you to have a blackboard shell where you will be able to communicate with students and to keep them on track with their coursework. 

As you can see below, a number of sessions will be held. These are in addition to the online training that is already available. Once you have completed the training your current course will have a blackboard shell. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Penny A. Haynes, Ed.D.

Face to Face Training for Session 1:

  • Tuesday, March 3rd
  • Thursday, March 5th
  • Friday, March 6th

We are happy to announce that the Blackboard 1-2-3 Training Workshop offered by the Teaching Resource Center has recently been updated and revamped to give faculty more flexibility in receiving the training they need… when they need it.  It also provides a fast-track training path for those who wish to receive Blackboard Shells for their face-to-face course sections!

Whether you are looking to supplement your face-to-face course section with a Blackboard component or teach a fully online or blended course, the Blackboard 1-2-3 Online Workshop/ Face-to-Face has what you need.  The workshop is now broken up into two “sessions”:

Session 1  will focus on the basic information and skills all faculty will need in order to use Blackboard in their instruction.  Those who wish to utilize Blackboard in their face-to-face courses, need only complete Session 1. After completing Session 1, you will be able to:

  • Upload your syllabus and lecture materials so that your students can access them outside of class time
  • Provide announcements and reminders to keep your students on track
  • Link to online resources that supplement what you do in the classroom
  • Use the Blackboard Grade Center to post student grades
  • Backup, copy, and enable your course to students

Only available online:

Session 2  will dive into the more advanced aspects of the Blackboard Learning Management System and is required (in addition to Session 1) for those teaching online or blended courses in Blackboard or for those face-to-face instructors who want to take their Blackboard course shell to the next level. Session 2 will cover the following topics:

  • The basics of online pedagogy
  • Designing, creating and managing effective online discussions
  • Effectively utilizing the Blackboard assignment dropbox and checking student work for plagiarism
  • Developing and delivering online tests and quizzes and applying test options intended to minimize cheating
  • Grading student work online and participating in your course as a student

If you would like to register, please use the Professional Development link (REGISTER HERE) and select “Blackboard 1-2-3 Online Workshop if you want to take both training sessions 1 & 2 completely online) or Select Blackboard Face-to-Face option for Session 1.

Please note:  If you have completed the Blackboard 1-2-3 training in the past, you have been automatically upgraded to the new version.  There is no need to re-register or complete the activities unless you would like a refresher.  You will see the training listed in your MyCourses area on your main Blackboard Homepage.  It is named “2019 Blackboard 1-2-3 Online Workshop.”  Feel free to peruse the modules as they contain several new resources and instructional documents!

 If you have questions regarding this training or about using Blackboard, please contact me at