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Mascot Madness runs from March 18 through 22 — and Stinger needs your vote!

The contest pits SUNY mascots against one another and Stinger — well, just stick a big fat L right to his insectoid forehead. Look: We’ve lost, miserably, every single year. But we can turn this thing around, right?

You can vote every day of the week starting at noon March 18 on the SUNY Blog, at (We don’t have a direct link yet.) You’ll need a valid email address to verify your vote, so make sure to check your email inbox after casting your ballot.

In the meantime, enjoy a Q&A with everybody’s favorite Hornet!


Who are you, where are you from, and who do you represent?

My name is Stinger, although when I’m feeling more like a Bond villain in Casino Royale, I might go with Vespa. But officially Stinger, how do you do.

I am from SUNY Broome and I represent every student who is a part of this hive. We are a collective of buzzing hard workers striving to reach our goals!

What is your wackiest attribute?

My wackiest attribute has to be my ability to buzz my way into any conversation. In the hive, we as Hornets are social animals. We communicate and discuss every topic under the sun – from the latest in nest engineering to our latest accomplishments in the field. I find myself flying into numerous conversations every day, and I never know where each dialogue will take me. (Hopefully to a flower.)


What would your autobiography be called and why?

My autobiography would probably be called, “No, I’m a Hornet, and yes, I’m a pollinator.”

Seriously, people always think I’m a bee. I have nothing against bees – they’ve got all the good dance moves and the honey – but I’m leaner and meaner, and low-carb.

What is the biggest school victory/triumph you have been witness to?

I got up this morning; does that count? But if you’re buzzing about the athletic fields, I must say that our Lady Hornets are major Wonder Women. Our women’s tennis team has been a powerhouse for years. Our volleyball team went to nationals this fall for the first time since 1984! And just a few years ago, our Lady Hornets won the whole NJCAA Division III National Championship! Our Lady Hornets are the queens of the hive.

Stinger and Professor Lamoureaux have a dance-off on the court.
Stinger and Professor Lamoureaux have a dance-off on the court.

Who is your on-campus partner that helps you stay on top of your game, the Robin to your Batman?

Don’t tell the other vespas, but her name is Yellow Jacket.

Hey, this may be against the rules, but I just wanted to give a special shout-out to my best bud, Brandi over in the Student Village. I mean, technically Hornets don’t have hands, so she’s been my partner in comedy when it comes to typing out this questionnaire.

If you could trade places with any mascot for a day, who would it be and why?

I would trade places with the giant inflatable tube men at the car dealerships. They sure look like they know how to have a good time!

Graduation is everyone's favorite day in the Hive!
Graduation is everyone’s favorite day in the Hive!

Should you make it to the finals, what would your entrance song be when you enter the final competition?

Probably “All the single ladies” by Beyonce – ‘cause have you heard that banger? It will sting you into next week!

What is your favorite series to binge watch?

National Geographic is pretty good. There was a buzzin’ 300-hour documentary on pollinators the other day. Probably the best episode yet!

Hey, a Hornet has to have wheels, right?
Hey, a Hornet has to have wheels, right?

Everyone has a good app idea. What’s yours?

So, recently Google stole mine, and I’m kinda salty that I didn’t patent it earlier, but whatevs. The idea is you could take a photo of a plant and the app would automatically ID it, and give you all the information you need. I just really need to find that flower again!

Making friends in the community!
Making friends in the community!

What one fact about your school do you love to surprise your fans with?

I may be a Hornet but that doesn’t mean I am a borenet!

Here’s a little pollen for ya: SUNY Broome is actually one of the oldest community colleges in New York State – one of the first five Institutes of Applied Arts and Sciences. We officially opened our doors in 1947 – a year before the entire SUNY system was founded. Through the years, we’ve had five different names – but we’ve always been a top school and one of the best places to get your start.

Plus, we legit had the winningest coach in college history – any college. Dick Baldwin – the guy the gym is named after – won 879 basketball games at Broome. Plus, Biggie Baldwin was also a standout English professor because college is all about the life of the mind.