The bust of late Professor Angelo Zuccolo is taking shape.

Sculptor John Giannotti of Giannotti Studios is creating a bronze bust of Zuccolo that will be located in the Student Center lobby. The statue (has been slated for completion in May 2015 and will be unveiled in conjunction with the renaming of the Little Theatre to The Angelo Zuccolo Little Theatre.

The sculptor recently shared the latest images of the molding process, called the Plaster Encasement Mold.

“Although the polyurethane rubber mold captures all the details of the bust, it is flexible and therefore must be supported by a plaster encasement mold, sometimes called the Mother Mold,” Giannotti writes. ” In the first pic, molding plaster is applied to the surface of the rubber.”
“Plaster, reinforced with jute, is built up in four separate sections so that the mold can later be separated.”
“Encasement mold nearing completion.”
“After the plaster hardens, I drill holes into the mother mold for support screws to be added before final casting.”
“The plaster mold is removed from the rubber, section by section.”
“The flexible rubber mold is pulled away from the clay.”
“The rubber mold is placed back into the mother mold.”
“This shot shows the front and back of the bust with the rubber mold reinserted into the plaster mold.  What you are seeing is the INSIDE of the rubber mold even though it may look as if it is projecting outward.  Into this we will pour the final polymerized plaster for the final casting.”
“Next step: Cleaning the rubber mold and making the final casting.  We plan to do the casting this Sunday,” Giannotti writes. “They say that sculpture is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.  In case you haven’t noticed, this is the perspiration part!”
If you are moved to support this project, The BCC Foundation has set up a site where you can make contributions.  Please visit to make a secure online donation. Please be sure to note that the donation is intended to go to The Angelo Zuccolo Little Theatre in the box on special restrictions.