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Please note the following General Education courses have changed designator and title and are now searchable by the following categories in MyCollege: 

AST – Astronomy
ATM – Atmospheric Science
EAS – Earth and Atmospheric Science
GLG – Geology
OCE – Oceanography

  • PHS 111 Earth Investigations is now GLG 111 Earth Investigations
  • PHS 113 Astronomy -Exploring the Universe is now AST 113 Introductory Astronomy
  • PHS 114 Meteorology: Investigating the Weather is now ATM 114 Introduction to Atmospheric Science
  • PHS 115 Physical Geology: Dynamic Earth is now GLG 115 Introduction to Geology
  • PHS 123 Natural Disasters is now EAS 123 Natural Disasters
  • PHS 125 Historical Geology: The History of Life and Planet Earth is now GLG 125 Historical Geology