Phi Theta Kappa International Film Series Fall 2017: Nationalism and Animation

Join us for a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society-sponsored film series designed to support the current Honors Study Topic, which is How the World Works: Global Perspectives.

Presiding Faculty: Our thanks go to our film guide, Dr. Mary Donnelly of the English Department. She notes, “Our films will move from Weimar Germany through the Fascist era, various versions of communism through the twentieth century and the modern era. Through this film series, we will look at the history of animation and the differing fantasies nations have used to represent themselves through the century.”

Questions should be sent to Professor I.J. Byrnes of the Philosophy Program and Faculty Adviser to Phi Theta Kappa at:

The scholarly goal of the film series is to increase global understanding and appreciation for other cultures. It is also designed to enhance the global competencies of the attendees and to further an understanding of Phi Theta Kappa’s honors study topic.

Finally, in an increasingly global job market, it will no doubt prove helpful to have an international-experience-at-home as scholars at Cornell University have described it.

Scholarly Certification: Those who attend the majority of the film series and participate in discussions will be awarded a certificate at the last scheduled screening.

The Film Festival will be held Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the rooms indicated below in Titchener Hall on the following dates:


Wednesday, Sept. 20 in T-102  Photo still from "The Adventures of Prince Achmed." The Adventures of Prince Achmed  (Germany 1926 )


Wednesday, Oct. 4, in T-102  Photo still from the film "Motomaro’s Divine Sea Warriors." Motomaro’s Divine Sea Warriors (Japan 1945)




Wednesday, Oct. 18, in T-102  Photo still from the film "The Snow Maiden."  The Snow Maiden (USSR 1952)  and The Valuable Kopek (USSR 1949)



Wednesday, Nov. 1, in T-203 Photo still from the film "Uproar in Heaven."  Uproar in Heaven (China 1964)



Wednesday, Nov. 15, in  T-102  Photo still from the film "Vampires in Havana." Vampires in Havana (Cuba 1985)



Wednesday, Dec. 6, in T-102  Photo still from the film "Triplets of Belleville"  Triplets of Belleville (France 2003)



Reminder: All films start at 7 p.m.