An image of a person's profile made up of puzzle piecesThis Winter at SUNY Broome:
Psychology of Advertising
CRN 592, PSY 240 – Y01
Online course!

Ever wonder why those pesky ads that drove you to Netflix and Hulu now populate every social media site? The Psychology of Advertising course answers some of your questions by helping you deconstruct both the ads and the business rationale behind the strategies to control both your mind and your wallet.

The top social media giants control two-thirds of the digital ad market along with the algorithms that shape your information feeds. This course provides the access route ads use into areas of human perception, motivation and communication styles. The course addresses new communication techniques to both target and analyze your personality, as well as addressing ethical issues, such as how using learning theories can reinforce your addiction to specific products and services. This contemporary course fulfills both General Education and “W” emphasis requirements and prepares you to interpret important economic trends in business. (The course also helps you recognize why you access certain websites to view the hottest or most controversial ads, over and over again!)

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