Progress on the future SUNY Broome Culinary Arts and Events Center: interior framing of the walls has begun in the historic Carnegie Library building!

Progress on the future SUNY Broome Culinary Arts and Events Center: interior framing of the walls has begun in the historic Carnegie Library building!

The Darwin R. Wales Center elevator is currently out of service and we apologize for any inconvenience. During a recent routine inspection, it was determined that a number of critical parts need replacement. These parts are on special order and will be installed once received. The entire campus will be notified once the elevator is functioning. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Calice Advanced Manufacturing Center

Minor punch-list items are being completed by both Facilities staff and the general contractor. We are still awaiting delivery of a few remaining furniture items for the Connector and other locations in the Center.
Also, as part of this project, new heavy-duty outdoor furniture is being installed around the new Calice Center. In all, 12 new benches, three metal tables (with built-in benches) and seven picnic tables will be installed near or around the Calice Center. Please enjoy them.
The grand opening (ribbon cutting), which will be attended by the new SUNY Chancellor, is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018.

Culinary Arts and Events Center

Plaster remediation work (which includes the stripping of lead paint) continues.
Augercast piles (for the new addition) are approximately 75% complete.
Micropiles (in the basement of the existing building) are approximately 50% complete.
Framing of soffits and walls is ongoing.  Selective demolition and insulating continues. We expect temporary heat within two weeks.
Electrical underground conduit in the basement and electrical “rough-ins” continue throughout the building.
HVAC layout and miscellaneous HVAC demolition has started.
Miscellaneous selective wood flooring removals continue.
Miscellaneous masonry infills are still ongoing at certain wall openings.
Below slab piping has been completed in the basement of the existing building and was inspected by the City of Binghamton.
The first shipment of new windows is expected to arrive this week.
Both NYSEG and Verizon were on site to review new service locations.
A press conference was recently held on-site to announce potential additional funding for the project.

Other notable on-campus design/construction activities

Refurbishing (new floor, painting and carpet mats) of the main entrance (Circulation Area) in the Learning Resource Center (Library) will begin this weekend.
A masonry repair project, which included four locations across campus (Decker, Business, Wales and Titchener), has been completed.
A sidewalk installation/repair contract at four locations across campus (Business, Ice Center, Wales, BC Center/Day Care) has been completed.
Interior and exterior signing for the new Calice Advanced Manufacturing Center has been installed.
New bollard lighting (with much improved illumination) is being installed in front of Titchener.
Repair of the Campus Services loading dock, which will include repair and reinforcement of the damaged dock wall, new bumpers and door seal, will commence once materials have been received.
If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Ligeiks at 607 765-9710.