• Concrete sidewalk removal around the new Calice Center will continue and final grading for paver installation continues.
  • Control wiring and thermostat installation continues throughout the new building.
  • Bathroom partitions are being installed in all bathrooms.
  • West curtain wall framing continues.
  • The concrete stairs at the east entrance will be removed and access ramp construction will begin.
  • Soffit, ceiling and framing work continues at the pedestrian walkway.
  • Drywall installation, finishing and painting in the second floor Business offices will be competed this week.
  • VCT (tile) installation has begun on the second floor.
  • Concrete sealer is being applied on the first floor.
  • Interior door glass installation continues.
  • Installation of drinking fountains has begun.
  • Dry well installation in the Quad area has also begun.

Other on-campus activity

  • Design of the campus-wide exterior door project has commenced.
  • Design of the Advanced Technology Building boiler replacement project will also be starting.
If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Ligeikis at (607) 765-9710.
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