On-campus construction for the week of Feb. 12

  • Reconstruction of the restroom area in the Student Center women’s locker room is expected to begin this week. Please note that the work being done in the Student Center is in
    the women’s locker room on the second floor near the FSA Office.
  • Data wire is being pulled on the second floor of the new Calice Advanced Manufacturing Center.
  • There will be a concrete pour this week to close the area-way in the Connector/Atrium between Calice and the Business Building.
  • Demolition between Calice and the AT Building continues. Please advise if the noise created by this demolition causes a disruption to classes in the AT Building.
  • Excavation for the new elevator in Calice is nearly complete. Building of forms and placement of reinforcing bar (for the foundation) will begin this week.
  • Lights are being installed in the second floor restrooms in Calice.
  • Wall tile work will also begin in the second floor restrooms in Calice.
  • Final painting continues on the second floor in Calice with one wall in each room/office having an accent (color) wall and three white walls.

As always, if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Ligeikis at (607) 765-9710.

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