This project is nearing completion with any ongoing work (pavers, landscaping, terrazzo floor, quad seeding, roofing work, etc.) expected to be completed this weekend or sometime within the next week or two. We have tentatively identified August 22nd as the re-occupancy date for the new Calice Center. The construction fence which had surrounded the construction site has been removed and replaced by a rope barrier. Please still exhibit caution when near the construction site and do not enter the roped off areas.

Our ITS staff is/will be working diligently (as they always do) to complete work in both the Calice Center and the rest of the campus, so please be sensitive to their workload at this time as some requests may have to be extended beyond the week of August 20th. Thank you.

Also, we do recognize that there will be a transition period (when kinks will have to be worked out) as we once again occupy the new Calice Center. Please do not hesitate to contact Facilities staff so that we can address any and all issues in the new building as they arise.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during the construction of this project, which certainly has created a number of inconveniences. We really do appreciate it.


  • Electrical rough-ins and selective demolition work continues.
  • Redesign of the building’s piles has been completed and the materials for the work have been ordered.


  • Exterior painting of Titchener Hall and the reconstruction of the eastern Titchener entranceway are both on-going.
  • The carpet installation and repainting of Business Building Labs 129, 132 and 133 is nearing completion.
  • Carpet installation in the four BC Center classrooms should be completed in the upcoming week.

As always, if anyone has any concerns or questions, please contact David Ligeikis at 607 765-9710.