Lyme Awareness: Enjoy the campus and its natural areas — but check yourself for ticks!

Research students agree to a strict set of protocols to protect them from Lyme disease.

SUNY Broome’s Natural Areas are a great place to hike, but be mindful of ticks!

Lyme Disease is endemic to Broome County, meaning that a percentage of the ticks here carry the spirochete that causes the disease. SUNY Broome students conduct tick research annually — and collect many deer ticks right here on campus.

Ticks don’t just dwell in the deep woods. They are also found in suburban environments.

Please check yourself for ticks after hiking or sitting on the grass. Better yet, make sure you prepare by wearing light-colored clothing (the better to see ticks), tucking your pants into your socks and covering exposed areas, using insecticide containing DEET and staying out of brushy areas.And, of course, make sure to check yourself for ticks.

An added precautionary note: Not everyone who gets Lyme Disease has the bulls-eye rash!

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this informative documentary created by SUNY Broome students: