“Tell us what you know about Lyme disease,” the interviewer asks.

SUNY Broome students smile into the camera, and then pause in thought. It’s transmitted by ticks, some answer. Many, however, admit that they don’t know much.

“In the Lyme Light,” a documentary created by students in SUNY Broome’s AA1 Program, may change that. Stella Safari, Taylor Thomas, Noah Thayne, Eni Vaghy, Jon Wilken, Nia Been and Nikki Putnam spent the semester creating the nearly half-hour film for their Art of Science course, taught by Biology Professor Tracy Curtis and Art & Design Professor Margaret Nocciolino.

Watch the entire video here:

During the course of their project, they learned about lighting, film editing, sound editing and more – as well as the science behind a disease that few understand. Footage included interviews with Lyme sufferers, including SUNY Broome student Ashley LoMonaco and employee Kurt Nelson, as well as the founder of a local Lyme disease support group, Lyme researchers and UHS physician Dr. Don Nash.

Students captured footage in the field, quite literally, following Curtis’ students as they collected deer ticks behind campus for Lyme research. They also tackled controversial subjects such as chronic Lyme disease, and filmed a segment where the campus community showed their support – by biting into a slice of lime. (Think of the Ice Bucket Challenge, with more puckered lips.)

The campus community and interview subjects recently attended a pair of screenings in Titchener Hall. The film was well-received, and the creators were applauded.

“It’s excellent! I’m so proud of the students,” said Donna Rehak, staff associate to the Dean of Liberal Arts.

“And a big kudos to the instructors!” added Liberal Arts Dean Michael Kinney.