Interested in SUNY Cortland? Make an appointment with your transfer guide

Stinger and SUNY Cortland's Red DragonLooking to continue your education at SUNY Cortland? Here’s a person you will want to meet: Greg Diller, Cortland’s transfer mobility advisor.

Diller is on campus on alternating Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the semester, and can help you with all things Red Dragon, from course recommendations here at SUNY Broome to financial aid, student life and support services.

And you don’t need to wait until you’re close to graduation, either. In fact, it’s better to meet with Greg early in your college career to make for a smoother transition to the four-year school.

During the last two semesters, Diller met with more than 70 students, peaking at 85.

“We’re working with students earlier, which is what I want students to do. The earlier we can meet, the best we can use their credits,” he said.

Students who meet with Diller during their freshman year can learn more about what Cortland offers, discuss their career interests, and plot their trajectory with courses that meet the requirements of their desired majors. During sophomore year, the conversation shifts to the application process, housing and more. SUNY Cortland transfer guide Greg Diller

Popular programs that students inquire about include all of SUNY Cortland’s education offerings, especially elementary, early childhood and physical education. Other popular programs include offerings through the kinesiology department, as well as sports management, psychology and business economics. Criminology is also seeing increased interest.

This year, Cortland has three new degree programs in environmental geoscience, healthcare management and inclusive early childhood education. That last is exciting for students who may be interested in dual certification in early childhood and special education, Diller said.

Plan your future by making an appointment with Greg Diller today. You can make an appointment at or email him at for more information.