In the Community: Join the 1913 Binghamton Suffrage Parade Reenactment on Oct. 7

The 1913 Binghamton Suffrage Parade Reenactment is scheduled for Saturday, October 7. It’s part of New York’s Path Through History Weekend.

The parade committee is seeking participants for the historical reenactment portion of the parade, as well as groups to march in the second “modern” half. Women and men are needed to play the roles of suffragists and male sympathizers to the suffrage movement; these volunteers will need to dress in period-era attire, including white blouse, long skirt and hat for women and slacks, frock coat (or Western-style coat) and hat for men. Women’s sashes or ribbons will be provided.

If you’re interested in volunteering, fill out the form at the link below or you can pick up a form at the Local History and Genealogy Center on the second floor of the Broome County Library. If you have questions, call Assemblywoman Lupardo’s office at 607-723-9047.…/0B49nX5_-T4iCazNxWXFXQUhKSFk/view

Suffrage Parade Form