SUNY Broome Community College art and design students now will benefit from an articulation agreement with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) that guarantees a seamless transfer of credits.

This is the result of a year and a half long discussion by SUNY Broome’s Art and Design Professor David Zeggert with FIT faculty. Since FIT is part of the SUNY system, all SUNY Broome students who are accepted for transfer into the program would continue to benefit from SUNY’s low tuition as well as have the opportunity to study in the art mecca of the world: New York City.

“The Fashion Institute has world renowned programs in advertising design, graphic design, fine arts, illustration and much more”, said Zeggert. “Courses within the program are taught by professors who are working in their field of expertise. For example, upon leaving the classroom, some will apply their professional skills to such high profile tasks as designing the cover of an issue of Time magazine.”

To be eligible to enroll at FIT with junior status, students must have completed SUNY Broome’s Visual Communication Arts degree with a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA), and meet portfolio requirements.

Stephanie De Manuelle, Chair of the Fine Arts Department at FIT has offered to personally review portfolios and give tours of the campus to potential SUNY Broome students.

“The SUNY Broome Associate in Science degree (AS) in Visual Communications is the first SUNY AS degree that we have encountered that fully prepares students for advanced work in our Bachelor of Fine Arts program,” she said.