The Focus, SUNY Broome’s news site for faculty and staff, will now be posted through the Buzz.

The previous Focus site will be kept as an archive. For current Focus news, visit

Why the change? Both the Buzz and Focus run through WordPress and it simply made sense to combine the platforms. Rather than dual posts to the sites in question, we can now post an item just once, with categories determining whether the item goes to the student-themed Buzz, the faculty-themed Focus, or both.

And, to be frank, most Focus readers access news stories through the SUNY Broome Today email, and not the Focus site directly. (We have data that backs this up.)

Will this affect SUNY Broome Today? Nope! You should still receive the SUNY Broome Today email — daily during the semester, three times weekly during the summer and winter terms — as usual.

Does this change how we submit items to the Office of Marketing and Communications? Also no. You will still submit items to the Buzz, Focus and campus calendar through the Share Your News Form at