A Radio Production of A Date With Fate by Laura Cunningham

The radio play of the spring theater production “A Date with Fate” will be broadcast on SUNY Broome’s radio station, The Hive, this week, it was announced by Chairperson’s Katherine Bacon and Tim Skinner. This interdisciplinary activity of Communications and Theater was brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic but has ended up creating a new opportunity for both areas. “A Date with Fate” was originally written for the stage by Laura Cunningham and is about the ups and downs of internet dating. The whole program is 38 minutes long.

The broadcast dates and times are:

THURSDAY and FRIDAY, June 25 & 26 AT 7:00 PM

SUNDAY, June 28 at 3:00 PM

Check it out on The Hive

Normally a radio play would be recorded in a “studio” with sound effects, dialogue, all done live. The limitations dictated by the 2020 pandemic required the development of new skills. The actors, audio engineers, director and crew, all worked virtually from their own homes. Actors used their own equipment with a great deal of help from our terrific IT department. Challenges to the recording sessions were dogs barking, bandwidth failing, storms interrupting reception, and the actors having to ask their families to keep the house quiet enough while we were recording.

 “A Date with Fate” was originally written by Ms. Cunningham in 2009 especially for our students and now she has revamped it for us.

See the attached poster!