What's Going On at SUNY BroomeThe Fall 2018 Brochure of Lectures, Film Screenings and Discussions is now available online! This brochure and the events detailed in it are sponsored by the Liberal Arts Division.

To view the online version of the brochure, go to the following:  http://www.sunybroome.edu/freeevents/

Don’t miss information in the brochure regarding special events such as: the Great Books Discussion and Phi Theta Kappa’s International Film Festival

Attention Teaching Faculty: A hard copy of this brochure was sent to you via campus mail to make it easy to plan to invite students to participate in these events as you plan your Fall 2018 courses. The attachment below provides the content of the brochure. 

Fall 2018 Brochure (PDF)

For additional hard copies of the brochure, contact the Liberal Arts office at 778-5021.

Kudos to the Following Faculty and Guest Presenters for Offering Common Hour/Extra-Curricular Events:

Professor Lee Whitted

Professor Jen Musa

Professor John Sterlacci

Professor Scott Corley

Professor Carla Michalak

Professor Doug Garnar and Orion Barber

Professor Bill Altman

Professor Marcia Blackburn

Professor Gian Roma

Confidential Campus Advocate, Crime Victims’ Assistance Center, Haley Murphy

Professor Paul Sweeny

Professor I.J. Byrnes

Phi Theta Kappa Executive Board Student Leaders

Women’s Discussion Group Student Leaders