Construction Activities for the Week of Aug. 21

The following construction activities are planned for the week of Aug. 21, 2017. Please pay attention to and abide by all construction signage in these areas.

Mechanical Building renovation:

  • Geothermal well-drilling will continue. There are currently two drill rigs on site.
  • Asbestos abatement may begin later this week.
  • There will be rooftop equipment removal.
  • There will be continued site lighting removal.
  • Foundation tie-in work in the basement of the Business Building will commence.

Other campus projects:

  • The concrete sidewalk in front of the BC Center will be replaced.
  • There will be concrete repair work on the entrance-way to the Decker Building. This concrete was damaged due to previous heavy rain.
  • The Student Center entrance doorway threshhold will be repaired.
  • Repair work and painting will continue on the SUNY Broome Oz Winters Tennis Courts.