Construction activities for the week of Aug. 14

  • Well drilling rigs will begin to mobilize. Drilling of the geo-thermal wells may also begin this week.
  • Site lighting is being removed.
  • Continued excavation and grading between the Mechanical and Business Buildings.
  • Depending on submittals/approvals, excavation may also begin for the Connector foundation(between Mechanical and Business).

ALSO, please note that we are developing a webpage for the Mechanical Building project which will provide a description of the project, a listing of most frequently asked questions and answers, as well as the ability for you to ask questions as the construction is proceeding.

AS ALWAYS, if you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please contact David Ligeikis, Interim Director of Campus Operations at (607) 778-5575 (office) or (607) 765-9710 (cell).