Interested in criminal justice? Check out these elective courses for Spring 2015:

CRJ 218 Police Community Relations explores the relationship of the police to the community, including the role of police in contemporary society; abuses of discretion; past, present and future trends in policing; problem identification and solving; and ethical issues facing policing in a free society. CJPO and CJCO students can take this as an elective.

CRJ 255 Special Topics in Criminal Justice: School Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness provides knowledge of campus security and safety issues; emergency preparation, planning and response, and emergency management specific to school environments. CJPO and CJCO students can take this as an elective.

HLS 210 Special Topic: Bioterrorism & Public Health Emergencies provides an overview of the public health system’s preparation and response to disasters and bioterrorism, and objectives and implementation of emergency management programs. CJPO and CJCO students can take this as an elective. HMSC may be able to do so as well; see the CRJ Department chair.