David Omigbodun

Serving communities: David helps those in need in Puerto Rico and Nigeria

An international student from Nigeria, David is committed to service in his home country and has worked on a wide array of initiatives, from distributing mosquito nets to stem the spread of malaria to planting trees to combat climate change. When he learned of an opportunity to contribute to relief efforts in Puerto Rico, the SUNY Broome student jumped at the chance.

Anthony Hanakovic

Divine art: In the shadow of the masters, a new one emerges

With their religious themes, deep shadows and stunning realism, these dramatic oil paintings could come directly from the 17th century, perhaps hung on the walls of a museum. While they were inspired by Baroque masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Velázquez, they were actually created in the past five years by SUNY Broome alumnus Anthony Hanakovic.

Student Shyanne Carlton (left) is helped by Professor Diane O'Heron during Move-In Day.

Settling In: Campus welcomes students during Move-In Day 2018

SUNY Broome’s Student Village is home to 360 resident students, as well as 10 resident assistants and two residence directors, Alexandria Donkor and Justin Banks-McDowell. Now in its fifth year, Move-In has evolved into a seamless dance of cars, laundry carts and smiling volunteers, who help students in every way they can, including hauling heavy items.