Caleb Harrower at the front desk of the Student Village

New vistas: Caleb expands his perspectives on business and his future

“It’s pushed me to start my own business someday. I think my life has become more broad and it’s benefiting me a lot,” Caleb said of his time at SUNY Broome. “Coming here helped me better understand what I want to do.” Read more about this Business Administrator major and RA in the Student Village.

Minhyung Park

The navigator: Minhyung finds her path and helps her peers along the way

Minhyung’s first try at an American education was an isolating experience. At SUNY Broome, she found a passion for biology and will transfer to Cornell, with the ultimate goal of becoming a dentist. She also gives back, aiming to help her fellow students succeed as a tutor and campus leader.

Kara Hess-Hover

Mom, tutor, Honors student: Kara expands her horizons

Tutor, Business Administration major, Honors student and future accountant, Kara is many things — including mom to two young children. Read more about this inspiring student, who loves to solve problems and has truly embraced life at SUNY Broome.

Carolina Zhang

Pay it forward: Carolina helps her peers succeed in the classroom

Peer tutors are an integral part of academic services at SUNY Broome, helping Hornets ace subjects they may otherwise find difficult. Carolina knows this firsthand. A tutor aided this international student during her first year at SUNY Broome, and now she’s paying it forward as a tutor herself.

Allen Conti prepares for the Hospitality Club's weekly soup sale

Hornet spirit: Thriving on challenge, Allen is always on the move

If you’re on campus for any length of time, you will likely meet Allen. After finishing a Business Information Management degree in May, he is currently working toward a second degree in Event Management and is deeply involved in campus life. We find Allen inspiring, and we think you will, too!

Stephie Safari

Mission to succeed: Stephie rises to the challenge in the Honors Program

Stephie isn’t afraid to test herself, which is why she decided to enroll in the academically challenging Honors Program at SUNY Broome. “I was very interested in the opportunity to challenge myself,” she said. “It is definitely a challenging course load, and also an opportunity to stay on track.”

David Omigbodun

Serving communities: David helps those in need in Puerto Rico and Nigeria

An international student from Nigeria, David is committed to service in his home country and has worked on a wide array of initiatives, from distributing mosquito nets to stem the spread of malaria to planting trees to combat climate change. When he learned of an opportunity to contribute to relief efforts in Puerto Rico, the SUNY Broome student jumped at the chance.

Anthony Hanakovic

Divine art: In the shadow of the masters, a new one emerges

With their religious themes, deep shadows and stunning realism, these dramatic oil paintings could come directly from the 17th century, perhaps hung on the walls of a museum. While they were inspired by Baroque masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Velázquez, they were actually created in the past five years by SUNY Broome alumnus Anthony Hanakovic.