Tyler Gregory, nursing student

From paramedic to nurse: Tyler prepares for a different role in emergency medicine

Meet Tyler Gregory, one of our two Vanguard Award winners this year! Tyler began his career as a paramedic, but is transitioning into nursing. “The educators are amazing, the student body is amazing and the ability to talk to people for anything you need,” he said of his SUNY Broome experience. “I’ve always loved this school.”

Haley Keister in SUNY Broome's beverage lab

Serving up success: Haley preps for her career in Hospitality

Haley’s SUNY Broome coursework gave her the edge she needed to land a job in the hospitality industry. Plus, the ability to do much of her coursework online allows her to both work and pursue her education. “I can live my life around my classes and still do well,” she said.

Gloryangeliz Lugo-Vazquez in the Crfiminal Justice classroom

Hero in training: Gloryangeliz leaves her comfort zone and changes her trajectory

“When you go out into the work environment, you need to leave that comfort zone and learn new things,” says Gloryangeliz, a Criminal Justice major. This future police officer has taken every opportunity to expand her horizons, including public speaking, leadership roles and more. Read more about how she decided to embrace challenge and change her trajectory.

Derek Sturdevant in the PTA classroom

Move to improve: Derek excels in the challenging PTA program and helps his peers along the way

After earning a degree as an athletic trainer, Derek realized that he still wanted to help people heal – but in a different capacity. That’s why he returned to college for a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. “It was a tough decision at first to get going, but three days in, I was so glad I did it. Going back was definitely the right thing for me,” he said.

Kaitlynn Liriano

Change of plans: Kaitlynn finds a new route to her dream school and success along the way

Kaitlynn wasn’t successful at her first college and her dream of transferring to Binghamton University seemed to drift out of reach. Coming to SUNY Broome has made a significant difference and her transfer options are back on the table. “The professors here work with me. The advising here is amazing. Everything is so easy,” she said. “The adults genuinely care and want to see the students succeed.”

Gabriella Santana

Personal growth: Gabriella finds both focus and a future in human services

After much reflection, Gabriella decided that she wanted to become a person who can change someone’s life — and opted to major in Human Services. An internship and her job as a Resident Assistant give her the opportunity to practice her skills outside the classroom.
“I want to be that person to help someone, whether through an organization or as an advocate,” she said.

Brianna Marible

Spread the word: Brianna hones her skills in marketing and leadership

Brianna learned about SUNY Broome from a neighbor. Now the Marketing major and Student Village RA recommends the college to others. “I got to meet different types of people from all different walks of life,” she said. “The professors were amazing, too, and customer service at the Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid was helpful.”

Alex Button

Unearthing new dreams: Alex prepares for a future in nursing

When his dream career as an archaeologist no longer proved a good fit, Alex went to SUNY Broome to retrain as a nurse. He’s glad he did. “Coming back to school as an adult has been so much easier. The professors pay a lot of attention to students and they are accessible,” he said. “It makes me wish I had considered a community college before a four-year institution.”

Anthony Hill

Anthony rises from addiction to embrace a new identity: Student, tutor and future counselor

For the first time in 35 years, Anthony found himself in a classroom — and is loving every minute. “Talking with other people in the field, I have the chance now to take the transfer and go on to get my masters. The opportunity is here for me now,” said the Chemical Dependency Counseling major, who plans to earn a master’s degree in social work. “Sometimes I wish I would have done it years ago, but it wasn’t my calling then. Now it is.”