Buzz Report: Therapy Dogs Visit the Student Village

Student Village residents took a break from studying for their finals on Saturday, December 12, to see therapy dogs in the classroom.  Seven well-trained and adorable dogs came to visit, and their owners demonstrated their many tricks.

At one point, Indie, a white long-haired greyhound, was jumping into his owner’s arms while Smudge, a black poodle, was shaking hands with her owner. Students cuddled and petted all of the dogs, as they watched others do tricks or beg for treats.

Looking around, you could tell that finals were the last thing on any student’s mind at the time. It was hard to think about exams when you looked at Wiley’s wide smile as he soaked up all the attention. Wiley was a little puggle mix.

This program helped students take a little break from studying to enjoy the company of dogs and one another.

Buzz reporter Victoria Estell is a SUNY Broome student.

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