SUNY Broome held its first annual Giving Day Challenge on Dec. 1, organized by the Broome Community College Foundation’s Director of Development, Andrea Roma. All around campus, students and staff alike came together to help raise money for much-needed scholarships.

I personally contributed my time to the Phonathon aspect of the Giving Day Challenge. Many students were there to call alumni, inform them of developments on campus, listen to alumni experiences here at SUNY Broome and help find new donors.

The phone calls helped bridge the gap between alumni and current students. They led us to better understand why others love SUNY Broome as much as we do! The stories that thread through our conversations are always so personal and interesting. Stories of alumni who met here and are now married for 20+ years, or of accomplishments that were made possible by the caring and generous staff here, are always heartwarming.

No matter what your story, everyone has something that they love about SUNY Broome, something that makes them want to give back to the school that has given so much to us. Working at the Phonathon on Giving Day really made me appreciate this school and all that it has to offer.

Based on the success of the first Giving Day here at SUNY Broome, I know I am not the only one who sees how great this school is. Two hundred seventy-four donors contributed to gifts totaling almost $50,000, all of which is going right back to the students here. Alumni and current students alike have helped make this possible and have helped this school thrive.

Be sure to thank all of those who helped make this Giving Day successful and memorable, and thank you SUNY Broome staff, students and alumni for all that you do to contribute to this campus!

Buzz writer Victoria Estell is a SUNY Broome student.