Learn how to maximize your skills in a digital world with Business Information Technology! And you don’t need to step on campus: all are offered online.

Check out these spring courses:

BIT142 Social Media for Professional Use: Offered both online and on campus, this course will familiarize you with social media applications such as blogs, microblogs, mobile applications, cloud applications and social networks. Students will explore the appropriate use of social media in the professional setting for collaboration, productivity, communication, and marketing, as well as social media analytics as a way to measure and increase consumer engagement.

BIT292 Personal Branding: Leverage your existing ePortfolio, blog, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to create your own personal brand. Personal branding will help you market your skills to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. This course will enable you to create a thematic message to market your talents in your online communications. Offered online.

BIT295 Social Media Campaigns: Plan and implement a successful social media campaign strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Google and more. Study best practices, apply market and customer research, write social media copy, work with admin tools, and gather and apply analytical data. Improve and protect brand awareness and increase traffic to targeted destinations. Prior use of social media is expected. Offered online.