The Business & Public Services Division Offices will be relocating to the Science Building for the summer due to the HVAC work being done in the building.  This move should be complete by Wednesday, June 3. Offices will return to the Business Building probably mid-August, before the Central Registration period.

During the moves from Monday, June 1, to Wednesday, June 3, faculty and staff working in these offices will not have regular phone or computer access, so please be patient if they do not get right back to you. Their phone numbers should remain the same.

Below is a list of the new office location and phone numbers for everyone who is affected by this move.

It is important to realize that the Business Building will NOT be accessible to the public during the time the HVAC work is being completed. Individuals with offices in the building can enter through the doors across from the Mechanical Building entrance (the front and vending entrances will be closed for contractors) but must wear a hard hat and glasses to access offices for short periods of time.

It will be another summer of adventure!

Science Building Office Locations and Phone numbers:

BPS Division Business Building Moves to Science for Summer HVAC
Person From To Phone
Annette LeRoy BB104 SB105 5462
Judy Giblin BB104 SB105 5460
Leslie Scalzo BB104 SB105 5008
Beth Mollen BB105 SB226 5246
Jennifer Woltjen BB103 SB223 5174
Jessica Pionteck BB203 SB224 5647
Sandy Wright         (BIT) BB106 SB201 5146
Mark Ryan              (BIT) BB135 SB201 5132
Gian Roma             (BUS) BB218 SB214 5143
Jerry Loy                 (BUS) BB216A SB214 5300
Rick Behr                (BUS) BB108 SB214 5133
Kerry Weber          (CRJ) BB107 SB225 5263
Mike Washington (PMD) BB234 SB225 5135