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Due to Covid-19, it is more important than ever to plan ahead in order to protect the health and safety of us all. During this unprecedented time, we made the decision to close our doors to foot traffic between August 31, 2020 and September 11, 2020. During this time we will operate solely online. Students will be able to purchase all required materials, books, supplies, laptops and more at Please be aware of the following:

1.Students my chose to have their orders shipped directly to their home or take advantage of our limited contact pickup option

2.Limited contact order pick up will take place in the event room at the ice center- specific instructions will be provided when the order is placed

3.Students may pay with their financial aid funds once those become available

We recognize that this will pose significant challenges for everyone. Please be patient and understanding as we navigate this difficult scenario. We will, as always, be flexible and accommodating to those who may be experiencing extenuating circumstances.

This fall we encourage students to purchase their course materials and supplies as early as possible to avoid dealing with unnecessary congestion at the bookstore. We ask all individuals who visit us to follow standard social distancing procedures and wear a mask. Due to limited occupancy constraints, students may need to wait to enter the store or pickup location.

please come prepared with your book list if you do decide to shop during the times we are open to the public. This semester we have books arranged in alphabetical order by authors last name.

If you have additional questions please call +1 (607) 724-0696