Download the SUNY Broome Mobile App right now!

That’s right, we are so excited to announce the beta release of SUNY Broome’s mobile app that we put the link right out there first thing.

Now, if you are still reading along and aren’t already installing the app on your phone, maybe you are asking “what can I do with the SUNY Broome mobile app?” Well, you can view a map of the campus, catch up on campus news, check a calendar of events or look up a faculty member’s phone number all with ease from your smartphone.

We are releasing the app late in the semester, so you can begin checking it out over the break. We have ambitious goals to enhance the app moving forward, and we’d like more input from you to help us make future editions of the app even better!

If you have ideas for the mobile app, or if you spot any glitches (its a beta release after all), you can let us know by using the feedback button/form on the mobile app website.