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2020 Part-Time Faculty Open Enrollment Information

Vision Coverage for Part-Time Adjuncts

Interested part-time adjuncts must enroll in the VSP Vision Plan annually during Open Enrollment. The individual rate is $8.36/monthly and the family rate is $22.96/monthly. Full annual premium amounts are as follows:  Individual $100.32/annual and Family $275.52/annual. Complete the VSP enrollment form between Oct. 17,2019, and Nov. 1,2019, and attach a check for the full annual premium amount made payable to SUNY Broome Community College. All enrollment forms must be filed in the Human Resources Office by 5 pm Nov. 1, 2019.

Please contact Meg Smith in the Human Resources Office at Ext 5240 with any additional questions.

Part-time adjuncts who have taught for four (4) consecutive spring/fall semesters are eligible for Health and Dental Insurance through Excellus.

Health Insurance

Part-time adjuncts who wish to obtain health insurance may request an enrollment form for health insurance from the Human Resources Office during Open Enrollment. The effective date of insurance will be Jan. 1, 2020. Enrollment forms must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. Nov. 1, 2019, in order to be enrolled for 2020. Summaries of the two plans offered are available in the Human Resources Office or on MyCollege on the left side under “Employee Menu,” click “Human Resources Documents,” then on the right side click “HR Benefit Forms and Information” to select and download the appropriate form.

Pursuant to the Faculty contract, your years of service will determine the rate a part-time faculty member will pay. Rates quoted are effective for 2019. Please note:  Rates have not been determined from the County for 2020.

Excellus Traditional                                                                       Excellus Red HMO

0-5 years of service                                                                                      0-5-years of service

Individual $ 633.51/mo.                                                    Individual $ 626.66/mo.

Family $1,710.46/mo.                                                             Family $1,691.93/mo.

 6-10 years of service                                                           6-10 years of service

Individual $ 600.17/mo.                                                   Individual $ 593.68/mo.

Family $1,620.43/mo.                                                       Family $1,602.88/mo.

 10-15 years of service                                                      10-15 years of service

Individual $ 566.83/mo.                                      Individual $ 560.69/mo.

Family $ 1,530.41/mo.                                                  Family $ 1,513.83/mo.

 15-20 years of service                                           15-20 years of service

Individual $ 533.49/mo.                                    Individual $ 527.71/mo.

Family $1,440.38/mo.                                               Family $ 1,424.78/mo.

20 or more years of service                                 20 or more years of service

Individual $ 500.15/mo.                               Individual $ 494.73/mo.

Family $ 1,350.36/mo.                                         Family $ 1,335.73/mo.

The Traditional Plan will have an annual deductible as follows.  The Red HMO plan will have a co-pay for office visits.

 Traditional Deductible                                             Red Co-Pay

Individual $125.00                                                       $ 15.00 for office visit

Family $375.00                                                   $ 50.00 for emergency room visit

 Prescription Co-Pay                                                 Prescription Co-Pay

$5.00 & $10.00                                                            $5.00, $20.00 or $40.00

*Rates quoted above are for 2019.  Rates for 2020 are pending, subject to Broome County Legislature approval.

Please note, in-network Physicians are required for the Red HMO and referrals from your PCP are required for any office visits to specialists.

·         Mail order prescription coverage is available for long-term prescription drug needs through Express Scripts.  Express Scripts phone number will appear on the back of the Excellus health insurance card.  Additional prescription coverage is available through CANPHARM located on myCOLLEGE under the HR health benefits tab.

The County will bill enrolled Adjuncts monthly.  Payments are due fifteen (15) days from the date the bill was received.  There will be a one-time reminder for a late payment.  Cancellation of insurance due to non-payment will occur after forty-five (45) days.

FA Dental Insurance

Part-Time Adjuncts who wish to obtain Dental Insurance should contact Kennie Leet at Ext. 5413 for enrollment information. Please see the Faculty contract for eligibility.  The Faculty Dental Plan is administered through the Faculty Association.  Please note that the Faculty Association’s Open Enrollment period for Dental does not coincide with the College’s Open Enrollment period which runs from October 17, 2019 through November 1, 2019.